Vitamin K2 and D3 go hand in hand. In a nutshell, K2 picks up the calcium the D3 deposits in the tissues and arteries and puts it back in the bones, teeth, and nails where it belongs.

Recent studies show improvement in the elasticity of the blood vessels with K2, lowering of systolic blood pressure which has a direct correlation to pulmonary heart disease therefore reducing cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure, coronary calcification and strengthening of the bones (bone density). The process of stiffening of the arteries and losing its elasticity begins in our 20s. K2 also positively affects insulin resistance in boosting the pancreatic function preventing over secretion of insulin.

K2’s highest concentration is in the saliva which improves dental caries and there is a direct correlation with dental caries and stroke as well. The capillaries in the brain are controlled by K2, which may inhibit issues such as Alzheimer’s. Studies show a 30% reduction in cancer in patients who had high levels of K2 and less prostate cancer and in renal failure patients. A K2 deficiency has also been linked to fertility problems. Although Vitamin K2 is a small molecule, it is likely to be of immense significance in our physiology.

This is information only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure, please refer to your health practitioner.